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In the tradition of the Xmas countdown, I wanted to do fashion spinoff, counting down days before xmas in special stylish themes. After all it is the holidays and dressing up should be super duper extra special. 

Today the theme is: ICONOGRAPHIC

Ive been super wanting to do a red, white, and blue stars printed look but I wasnt able to do it the way i wanted it to until today. After securing different pieces over time: a red star printed pique shirt, a blue and red star print boardshorts, and white stars necklaces and cuffs I felt it was the right time to do a look. As stars are icons in fashion, it was a print that was worth putting out there:) As the saying goes the stars are all aligned:) 

speaking of stars, I had my fair share of meeting stars the past few days. It was an incredible experience. I love how life surprises you at times:) Though i prefer the good ones over the bad. I cant wait to see more stars aligning. 

CUSTODIO accessories are also available at FIRMA, Greenbelt 3, Makati, Manila

photos by Cheka

assisted by Kenn

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